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Virtual Testing

The Center Skating Academy is pleased to offer Virtual Test Sessions.

Our next Virtual Test Session will be on Friday, August 16, 2024.

Test applications will open on August 1, 2024.

For this session, we are offering Skating Skills, Singles, and Ice Dance testing.

**Videos for this test session must be taken between August 3, 2024 and August 16, 2024**

USFS Virtual Testing


The following documents need to be submitted with your test video:

  • Performance affidavit

  • Consent agreement

  • Permission to test


Testers are responsible for arranging their own ice, videographer and proctor.  Videos must meet the standards set out in USFSA TN261.  You must upload your own video and affidavit.  There will be no refund of testing fees if your video is rejected for not meeting the standards set by US Figure Skating.


Instructions for uploading documents and videos will be sent by the test chair upon acceptance of your test application.

Please contact the test chair with any questions.

Proctor Information

In accordance with USFSA TN261, the proctor must be an impartial person of authority (ie rink management, skating school director or local skating official) but must NOT be a coach/choreographer who has worked with the athlete, a training mate or a parent/guardian of the athlete or any training mate.


For example:

Testing skater has the following coaches:

  • Helen, head coach

  • Sally, spin coach

  • Jake, jump coach

  • Cathy, Choreographer

  • Denise, Dance coach

  • Maxwell, Moves coach


Any other skater coached by any of these coaches is considered a training mate.  Any parent or coach associated with a training mate cannot be an impartial proctor.

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